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Emergency Management

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Cell: 515-890-0018
Humboldt County EMA, 426 Sumner Ave., Humboldt, IA 50548 Email:

Pat Colwell was hired in January of 2008 as Emergency Management Coordinator for HumboldtCounty.  The year has been filled with outstanding training opportunities.  He has taken or attended over 21 courses and schools.  

On May 25, 2008, he was called to help fellow Emergency Management Coordinators respond to the Parkersburg F-5 Tornado where he spent nine 16-hour days.  This was followed by a phone call to get back to Humboldt, as the County was experiencing flooding and sewer backup.  He worked this incident for about two and half weeks.  He applied for an Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Grant.  This was a nation-wide grant and only one county in Iowa was picked but we did not receive this grant.  We will continue to look for other opportunities to subsidize this project.  With the help of a grant writer, he applied for a grant application to participate in the Emergency Management Performance Grant for FY 2009.  The Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT) has been actively training and recruiting new members.  Training for new members will be conducted as soon as we have enough applicants to fill a class.  Storm Spotter Training will be provided again this spring.  The agency again will be collaborating with county agencies to coordinate emergency plan exercises.

To view the Humboldt County Emergency Plan contact Pat Colwell at Humboldt County EMA.

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