Humboldt County Iowa

Humboldt County Iowa - Land Between Two Rivers

September 23, 2019 ~ BOS Agenda ~ Amended


203 Main Street, PO Box 100

Court House

Dakota City, Iowa 50529



Monday, September 23, 2019

Amended Agenda



   8:30 a.m.    Call Meeting to Order

                   -- Approve the agenda

                   -- Approve the minutes (9/16/2019)

   8:31 a.m.    General Public Concerns      

   8:35 a.m.    Dave Lee, County Supervisors

                   -- Approve the Board of Adjustments recommendation for a car lot

   8:45 a.m. Ben Loots, Humboldt County Engineer

                   -- Public Hearing – Proposed No Snow Removal Routes

                             - #25 - 150th St.     Between Q Ave. and Queen Ave.

                             - #26 - Pine Ave.    Between 170th St. and 180th St.

                             - #27 - 260th St.     Between Texas Ave. and Utah Ave.

                             - #28 - 280th St.     Between Xenia Ave. and York Ave.

                             - #29 - Hawaii Ave. Between 270th St. and 280th St.

                   -- Approve application to work in the right-of-way to Summit Ag Group for a manure tile installation

   9:15 a.m.    DD# 18

                   Discussion on engineering

   9:30 a.m.    Jon Beaty, County Attorney

                   -- Closed Session per Iowa Code Section 21.5 (1c) “To discuss strategy with counsel in matters that are presently in litigation or where litigation is imminent . . . “


Approve Claims

Committee Reports

Discussion of other items of business upon which definite Board action will be taken at a later date