Humboldt County Iowa

Humboldt County Iowa - Land Between Two Rivers

May 14, 2018 - BOS Agenda


203 Main Street, PO Box 100

Court House

Dakota City, Iowa 50529



Monday, May 14, 2018



   8:30 a.m.    Call Meeting to Order 

                   -- Approve the agenda

                   -- Approve the minutes (May 7, 2018)

   8:31 a.m.    General Public Concerns

   8:35 a.m.    Public Hearing – Humboldt County Budget FY 17-18

                     -- Open Public Hearing

                    -- Discussion on Budget Amendment for FY 17-18

                   -- Comments from the general public

                   -- Comments from the Board

                    -- Close the public hearing

                     -- Adopt Resolution# 2018-10, a Resolution approving a budget amendment for FY 17-18

  8:45 a.m.     Brian Skow, Zoning Director

                    -- Update on Zoning

                   -- Set rate of pay for Zoning Director

  9:00 a.m.     Ben Loots, Interim County Engineer

                   -- Approve application to work in county right-of-way to Deano’s for

                      dust control at Phil Hendrickson’s residence

                   -- Approve Pay Voucher#1 to Manatts Inc. for Project# LB-19-1 on C49 paving

                   -- Approve quote to Terracon for bridge borings on Bridge#51 between sections 3 & 4 of Vernon Township

                    ­-- Recognize County Employee Gary Halsrud who is retiring after 41+ years of county service

  9:15 a.m.     Second reading of Humboldt County Ordinance #68, an Ordinance on wind towers

                    -- Public Input period

                   -- Discussion by Board of Supervisors

                     -- Approval of second reading of Ordinance #68

                     -- Possible waiver of third reading of Ordinance #68


Discussion/action on meeting the week of May 28 (Memorial Day)

Authorize Chairman to sign Licensing paperwork for Document Locator program

Rescind motion on purchase of property for animal shelter

Approve Claims

Committee Reports

Discussion of other items of business upon which definite Board action will be taken at a later date