Humboldt County Iowa

Humboldt County Iowa - Land Between Two Rivers

July 10, 2017 - BOS Agenda


203 Main Street, PO Box 100

Court House

Dakota City, Iowa 50529



Monday, July 10, 2017



   8:30 a.m.    Call Meeting to Order

                   --Approve the agenda

                   --Approve the minutes (6-26-17)

   8:31 a.m.    General Public Concerns

   8:32 a.m.    Scott Curran

                   -- Update on county insurance renewal

   8:50 a.m.    DD# 33 Lat D

                   --Approve Change Order #2 and #3

                   --Approve Pay Estimate #3

   8:55 a.m.    DD# 6 Main Tile and Branch B

                   --Approve Pay Estimate #1 to Nels Pederson Construction Co - $107,631.23

   9:00 a.m.    DD# 11 Sub 5

                   --Informal Meeting

   9:25 a.m.    DD# 171 Humboldt Kossuth

                   --Approve drainage assessment

   9:30 a.m.    DD# 35 Branch C & Branch M

                   --Continuation of June 19, 2017 meeting

   9:50 a.m.    Melody Larson, Zoning Administrator

                   --Information sharing with Erica Blair of CCI

10:10 a.m.    Paul Jacobson, County Engineer

                   --Approve Voucher #3 to Heartland Asphalt Inc. for work completed on P60 2017

                       Resurfacing project #L-69—73-46

                   --Approve units completed on the following #3 Vouchers to Heartland Asphalt Inc. for

                       2017 resurfacing projects:

                             --FM-CO46(62)--55-46 (P20)

                             --FM-CO46(63)--55-46 (P30)

                             --FM-CO46(65)--55-46 (P56)

                   --Approve limited spray request from an organic producer

                   --Approve Voucher #2 to Midwest Contracting LLC for work completed on projects

                       LC-173304, LC-181020, & LC-280660


Approve claims

Approve change in status for Tracy Stiawalt from part-time to full-time jailer effective August 5, 2017

   at the rate of 16.79/hr.

Authorize Chairman to sign a State and Local Government Addendum with Marco Technologies LLC

Committee Reports

Discussion of other items of business upon which definite Board action will be taken at a later date