Humboldt County Iowa

Humboldt County Iowa - Land Between Two Rivers

August 21, 2017 - BOS Agenda - Amended


203 Main Street, PO Box 100

Court House

Dakota City, Iowa 50529



Monday, August 21, 2017

Amended Agenda


   8:30 a.m.    Call Meeting to Order

                   --Approve the agenda

                   --Approve the minutes (8-14-17)

   8:31 a.m.    General Public Concerns

   8:32 a.m.   Jon Beaty, County Attorney

                   --Approve and place on file Title VI disclosures and Title VI assurances

   8:40 a.m.    Paul Jacobson, County Engineer

                   --Public Hearing for roadway culvert across K Road about 750 feet south of Highway 3

                   --Approve Federal-aid Agreement for a County Highway Bridge Program Project for bridge replacement on Trulner Creek on C20 along north line of section 24 Delana Township Project # BRS-CO46(70)--60-46

                   --Approve plans and specifications and set letting date for C49 resurfacing project # LB-19-1

                   --Approve Voucher#4 to Heartland Inc. for 2017 resurfacing project# L-69--73-46

                   --Approve units completed on the following vouchers to Heartland Inc. for 2017 resurfacing:

                             -- No. 4   FM-CO46(62)--55-46

                             -- No. 4   FM-CO46(63)--55-46

                             -- No. 4   FM-CO46(65)--55-46

   9:00 a.m.   DD#11 Sub 5

                   --Preliminary Engineering Report Hearing, Continued

                   --Accept reclassification report and set hearing date

   9:15 a.m.   DD#3 Br A

                   --Possible Cleanout

   9:30 a.m.    DD#125

                   --Classification Hearing

   9:45 a.m.     Kathy Erickson

                   --Accept resignation of Lori Hamand


DD#33 Br D-Approve payment #4(Final) to Holland Contracting Corp.

Committee Reports

Discussion of other items of business upon which definite Board action will be taken at a later date